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So this is how it is. There are a lot of things that you really can't explain, and trust me I am not the one to go and explain them all to you. Here's what you should know though. Genomex isn't as good as advertised. All those great fertility drugs they offered your parents back in the day probably ended up doing more harm than good. Sure they got happy little bundles of joy, but take a closer look and you might notice that not all of us are perfect examples of genetics. Okay so now I have you all thinking that I have seven toes or something, but trust me my feet? Perfectly formed. In fact I have pretty good reflexes and let's say my feet are usually the first place I land.

Either way I just thought I should let you all know that you can't trust everyone, and you can't trust what you hear either. Trust what you see with your own eyes, and take it all with an open mind. There are things that make everyone unique, and I am not about to go pointing out your flaws to the world. Know that you are never alone, and there is always a better option. Oh and don't go to Genomex. Not even for those cheaper prescription drugs, or miracle 'cures' you'll pay for it in the end. Not that I am some jaded ex-employee, but really I know what I am talking about.

Well right now you are scratching your head a bit going, alright just who the hell is this gorgeous blonde with the quick wit telling me all this information? Name's Shalimar Fox, and well you may or may not recognize the last name. My father is a bit of an industrialist to say the least. Not that I am spending my holidays at home, in fact I hope that I don't get a Christmas card this year. Still the name thing comes up every so often and rather than wait for the questions, there it is.

I am sure there are more than a few other questions, but unlike my friends Emma and Brennan, I am keeping more than a few things about myself to myself. I have a bit of trouble trusting strangers, and if you knew me you might understand why.

Oh and Proxy Blue, we'll find you and shut you down eventually. Give me time, give me time.

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