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Name:Shalimar Fox

Shalimar is the daughter of a rich industrialist, Nicholas Fox. When her powers first manifested he had her locked away, but she escaped and eventually was recruited by Adam into Mutant X. Since then she has been reunited with her father, only to discover he has gone in with Genome X in return for them promising to "cure" her.

Shalimar is a feral mutant, one who demonstrates animalistic traits. She has incredible agility and heightened strength and speed, as well as enhanced senses. She is also a skilled martial artist. Her eyes often become cat-like when she uses her powers. Like most ferals she has an instinctive fear of fire. One on mission her powers were virally enhanced, threatening to overwhelm her human side, but Adam treated her with a retro-virus, and the increased mutation she underwent appears to be a thing of the past.

[I am not Victoria Pratt. I am not Shalimar Fox. Shalimar is a fictional character based off the short lived syndicated television show, Mutant X. She is super awesome, and I wish I had the kind of sexuality that she has. Alas I do not, so I spend some of my free time walking in her skin in RP format just to idle the time away. If I was Victoria Pratt? I'd marry Victor Webster and I'd wear midrift exposing shirts all the time, and never wear my hair back. Ever.]

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