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Shalimar Fox ([personal profile] shalimar) wrote2006-06-04 01:40 pm
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[FM] 24 - No Consequence

If I could do something and have no consequences to it? I'd kill Mason Eckhart. Flat out, just walk up to him and shoot him point blank range. I know it's pretty drastic, but I would. All that he's done to those that I care about? Hell even to those that I don't even know? A man like that doesn't deserve life at all.

Now he does deserve to suffer, but see I'm being a bit courteous and just ending his life quickly. I could put him through the same torments that he puts other mutants through, or I could even just leave him somewhere to rot. I mean if I can get away with it why not right? Sure I could go rob a bank and set myself up for life, or I could go find some random guy and have an interesting night, but that seems selfish to me. Killing Mason would do the world a favor.

Adam will disagree with me, and I think even deep down I disagree with myself, but just the thought of a world without him looming over my shoulder? It's a nice break.