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[FM] 23 - Pain.

His name was Richard Saunders. It was an instant connection when I saw him. There was no mistaking exactly who or what he was to me. He seemed to just fit. Trust me I wasn't going around thinking that I was the only one of my kind, I had found other Ferals before, but Richard - it was different with him. It was love at first sight, which for me to even admit to is almost as insane as the notion that it exists.

Things got complicated though, and I know you are saying that's just how life is. Life's complicated, and love is the top of the list. The thing is that being a Mutant is who I am. It's not exactly how I define myself, but it is a pretty big part of the package that is me. Richard had found a cure though. He had a connection to someone and thought that there was something wrong with him. That if he could just get rid of that extra part of him that life could be even more amazing. He wanted that life with me too, and I made the choice to let him heal me too. I took my first dose of the cure when he took his final one. I thought I would feel different somehow, but instead I was blinded by the love we shared together.

I woke up in the morning to what was supposed to be the beginning of our lives together and found him suffering. I did what I knew I had to do, even if it was against his own wishes. I called for help, and tried to do anything I could to save this man that I was willing to give it all up for. The cure, if you can even call it that just started to break down his genetic structure. I tried to help, but there was nothing I could do but say goodbye.

He took those last moments he had with me and saved me too. Told Adam to use his bone marrow to help save me. I thought I had known pain before. That being shot at, or electrocuted or any of the countless things that Mason and Genomex had done to me, but pain? Was nothing compared to this.

Creating a cure for me put stress on his own body, and made what time he had left even shorter. He took away those moments with me to ensure I would have more time. I sat there at his side crying while he faded away. Physical pain has limits, but the raw emotion is what really hurts.

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I wish I couldn't sympathize.

We should go get ice cream.