Apr. 2nd, 2006

shalimar: (with Emma [names])
Family can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. To me? It's a word. My own father turned against me and really I suppose I can't fault him for it. Things had been changing and there isn't much you can do when something so dramatic happens to your daughter. Still I would have thought that a word like family would have gone beyond those superficial things. I guess that is where I was wrong. It hurt more back then though. I have grown a lot since that day and I know that I am better off without whatever family that was to me. Blood and genetic material has little to do with that term if you ask me.

I think the definition to that word changed for me a lot recently. Family should be the ones that are there for you when it feels like no one else can back you up. Family is the people you go to when you have something amazing to share with them. Call it sappy or nostalgic, but it's the truth.

Sanctuary is my home now, and Adam, Jesse, Emma, and Brennan are my family. It's the only one I would want anyway.


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