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Shalimar Fox ([personal profile] shalimar) wrote2006-10-09 04:34 am
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[EM RP] Coffee? Of course!

Shalimar was rummaging through all the drawers in the kitchen looking for a bag of coffee so that she could at least attempt to brew a new pot. However it seemed that everything she found had just enough for a single spoonful of grounds and that was barely enough for a single cup, let alone a pot. She knew who to blame too, and instead of just letting it silently fester in the back of her mind she slammed the cabinet door shut and headed through the complex.

Her stride was long and quick as she hovered in the doorway of Emma's room wondering if she wanted to watch her kick Brennan's ass, but Emma wasn't reading or moping, or whatever she had been doing recently. It was different having more people at Sanctuary, but Alec and Max were good ones at least, and the research they had been able to sort out about their Manticore project had interested all of them a little bit.

Planning an attack was going to take time, but at least they all had something to do. Shal finally got to Brennan's room, but of course that was empty as well. Which wasn't shocking, because it seemed that everyone had something to do that wasn't shopping or replacing what they took from the kitchen.

Standing in the middle of the hallway just in front of the training platform Shal brought her comm ring to her mouth and smirked, "So... apparently Brennan has used all the coffee in Sanctuary. I'm going to hit the Cuppa'Cup on the corner here in fifteen minutes, then once I actually have caffeine in me? I'm going to the club. If anyone wants to join me? Just meet me in the garage."

Even by now Alec and Max had been issued comm rings, since it was just easier to keep track of everyone along with their body rhythms which had intrigued Adam a bit more than Shalimar figured they were comfortable, but Shal assured them he wasn't going to pick them apart, he just wanted to monitor them for a while.

Shalimar headed to the garage and leaned up against the side of the car, hoping that she wasn't going to be taking the trip out alone. She wanted to have some fun, and fun was generally better with groups of three or more.

[ooc: open to Max, Alec, Emma or Brennan for some random out and about fun!!]

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