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[EM RP] Coffee? Of course!

Shalimar was rummaging through all the drawers in the kitchen looking for a bag of coffee so that she could at least attempt to brew a new pot. However it seemed that everything she found had just enough for a single spoonful of grounds and that was barely enough for a single cup, let alone a pot. She knew who to blame too, and instead of just letting it silently fester in the back of her mind she slammed the cabinet door shut and headed through the complex.

Her stride was long and quick as she hovered in the doorway of Emma's room wondering if she wanted to watch her kick Brennan's ass, but Emma wasn't reading or moping, or whatever she had been doing recently. It was different having more people at Sanctuary, but Alec and Max were good ones at least, and the research they had been able to sort out about their Manticore project had interested all of them a little bit.

Planning an attack was going to take time, but at least they all had something to do. Shal finally got to Brennan's room, but of course that was empty as well. Which wasn't shocking, because it seemed that everyone had something to do that wasn't shopping or replacing what they took from the kitchen.

Standing in the middle of the hallway just in front of the training platform Shal brought her comm ring to her mouth and smirked, "So... apparently Brennan has used all the coffee in Sanctuary. I'm going to hit the Cuppa'Cup on the corner here in fifteen minutes, then once I actually have caffeine in me? I'm going to the club. If anyone wants to join me? Just meet me in the garage."

Even by now Alec and Max had been issued comm rings, since it was just easier to keep track of everyone along with their body rhythms which had intrigued Adam a bit more than Shalimar figured they were comfortable, but Shal assured them he wasn't going to pick them apart, he just wanted to monitor them for a while.

Shalimar headed to the garage and leaned up against the side of the car, hoping that she wasn't going to be taking the trip out alone. She wanted to have some fun, and fun was generally better with groups of three or more.

[ooc: open to Max, Alec, Emma or Brennan for some random out and about fun!!]

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Emma had been up in the dojo, working on calming her mind and getting used to the strangers living in Sanctuary. She knew they were there from the moment they'd arrived, even if she had been avoiding everyone and their mother. It was an adjustment she wasn't happy about making, but made it none the less. It wasn't her place to immediately be a bitch to people that had obviously needed some help.

Sanctuary was generally mellow and quiet. Y'know, until Brennan drank every bit of coffee in the house. Emma smirked to herself, convinced that she had to do something in Brennan's head to end his ridiculous dependance on caffiene.

As she started to drift back into near unconsciousness, Shalimars voice sounded from the comms. With some hesitation, Emma finally got up off her ass and grabbed her sweater and a pair of sandals and headed out to meet Shal in the garage.

"Hey woman. Maybe you and Brennan should attend Caffiene Addicts Anonymous together. Possible bonding experience?" She sidled up to the blonde, leaning against the car with her and nudging her with an elbow. "You're not going to hurt him too bad, right?"

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"I'm okay. Just... Been overthinking stuff, y'know? And I'm a freak about new people in my home. So yeah, I'm being strange." She leaned her head over on Shal's for a second, then brought a hand up and placed it on Shalimars cheek. "Sorry if you worried."

Emma laughed and turned to face Shal. "Uh, yeah, Brennan will have to hold himself back from physically pulling you off the car. Of course, seeing you rip the hood off while he tries to pull you off by your ankles? That's worth getting the video camera for." She smirked, then crossed her arms over her chest. "Yeah, I'll tag along. No promises on being 'Normal Emma', but I figured it was time to get out of the house."

Emma braced herself to finally meet the new people that had moved into Sanctuary, and for Brennan to toss a wee little hissy at Shal on the car hood. Emma was sure it'd be a different story if she was in a bikini and pulling a Tawny Kitaen/ Whitesnake reenactment, but she knew there'd be a least a few fireworks. Maybe she just hoped. She'd missed the two of them arguing.

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Emma hugged Shalimar, then grinned. "I don't doubt it. Why do you think I got out here in a hurry? I didn't want to have to poke around in your brain and make you think I was already out here." She nudged her again, then went back to her place on the car and waited on Brennan, Alec, and Max.

And half hoped they'd be late, just to have something to laugh at. Shal going Phoebe on Friends and making people her bitch by dragging them out by the ear? Yeah, that'd be funny.

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Brennan put the cup back down on the counter and frowned. It was empty and empty wasn't good when you thought it was still at least half full.

Just how quickly did he down the stuff? He could have sworn it had still been half full. But now.. that had been the last of the fresh coffee. The plan had been to get back up before it ran out, but somehow, that plan had gone south. Of course it was probably the two new recruits that had contributed to the coffee disappearing as quickly as it did... it had nothing to do with his coffee consumption.

There was only one thing for it. A coffee shopping trip. It was at this point that Shalimar's message reverberated through Sanctuary.
The garage.
His car.

Oh she had better not have been messing with his car.

He headed for the garage only to find TWO women messing with his car!

"Hey hey hey hey hey what???!!!! Just WHAT are you two doing?!"

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Emma looked up from her in depth inspection of the pattern in the arm of her sweater to see Brennan having a more than slight panic attack at the two of them using his car as a resting post.

"I'm leaning. She's sitting. Need a diagram?" Emma grinned at him, then stood from the car and ran over to him, poking him in the ribs and lacing her arm through his. "C'mon. We're going for coffee. You're coming. And Shal is being nice to your car. For now. But we need to work on your caffiene habit, buddy. Maybe move you over to Redbull, or decaf, even."

She grinned up at him again, then over at Shal.

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Max had been moping. Not exclusively moping or anything, cause that wasn't her style, and Denver and Shal and everybody were pretty cool as it went, but she was kinda sorta totally freaking a little bit about Logan, Terminal City, and everything she'd left behind. In truth she was pretty grateful for Alec, who'd kept his head way better than she had, but he didn't have the same kind of ties that she did.

He didn't have Logan, or O.C., or - well, it all came back to Logan, really. Every time she closed her eyes or paused for even a second it all came rushing back and all she could think about was how freaked he had to be, because she and Alec had vanished just like that. No goodbye, no nothing. No trace. For all he knew, they'd run off together. Whatever, right?

Who knew what she was gonna end up going back to?

She heard Shalimar's voice ring out over comms and counted it a blessing. She needed to get away from the persistent reality of right now, and she needed to get away from it right this second. Stretching lithely, she grabbed her jacket from the back of a chair and headed over to the garage, as per Shal's directions. When she got there, she found Emma and Brennan.

Max smiled. "'Sup guys? Anything going on?"

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"I call shotgun!"

His footfall was deadly silent until the moment he silently lunged forward to grab Max by the shoulders lightly from behind, giving her just barely enough notice so as *not* to throw him down and kill him...which she'd almost done the first time he'd ever done that and been *too* quiet.

Relaxing and releasing her with a grin, Alec glanced around the group, idly toying with his new comm ring...a fairly interesting little bauble as he'd ever seen. This whole place was coming out the ears and then some. It was the kind of life even a wealthy man had to work hard for in the future...but this was a past made from far more innocent times, and therefore far richer.

It was a life he could grow to enjoy...under the right circumstances.

So he'd been trying...making an actual effort *not* to screw this thing up. And little things like going out for coffee? It was weird, alien, and completely cool...hell, he was totally stoked about it. But let anyone catch on? No he played it cool. Just another day at the office...kid in a candy store? Who dat?


"So!" Alec chirped brightly, rubbing his hands together enthusiastically. "Who's drivin'?"

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Emma studied the menu, avoiding the eyes of the barely pubescent kid behind the counter taking time to stare longingly at each of the 3 sets of boobs in front of him. She'd been here before awhile back with Brennan, and knew what was okay and what sucked.

"Get the mocha. It's the easiest to make, so less chance of a bad cup. I, on the other hand, am getting a macchiato." She approached the zitty child ready to take her order from her chest. She lowered herself into his eyeline and smiled. "Hi. Large macchiato." She slid a $5 across the counter and crossed her arms again, turning away from him as he made change. A whole quarter. She waved it off and headed back to Shalimar and the rest of the crew, smiling at Brennan and bumping him playfully.

She'd have to jump in feet first at befriending Max and Alec soon enough, but for now, she just wanted to get her coffee. Maybe steal a smoke off one of the little gothlets outside, even though she didn't smoke.

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He'd been silent in the car. There was no point in giving in to Shal's attempts at provoking a reaction. He didn't think anyone quite realised the extent of his caffeine withdrawl at the present point in time.

[the coffee he'd been having for the past few days? The only coffee left in the place? DECAF. This was not a good situation. He'd wondered why the hell the headaches had been getting worse and the regular coffees not helping... but that was irrelevant now]]

Right now, coffee was calling. He could happily ignore Shal's smack to the head, Emma's playful bump... he needed coffee. [the silence in the car was helpful in a way, he'd been able to observe the others, and the reason for the silence was genuine.]

There was something about the new guy - Alec - something he hadn't quite put his finger on yet, but that guy was definitely hiding something. Not necessarily a bad something - just something.

He stared at the kid behind the counter, wondering whether the coffee today would be good.. burnt beans happen to the best of places...

"Ristretto. Double" He paused, making sure he had the kid's attention, then holding up three fingers he continued "...three of 'em."

He avoided looking at the others as he cast his gaze around the place, sizing up the empty tables, waiting for the others to place their orders.

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Ristretto, machiatto, mocha. All this crap was pretty much foreign to her, because back where she came from? It was coffee or coffee and it pretty much all tasted like kerosene mixed with lighter fluid. Unless, of course, you had the kind of bucks to score the beans from Columbia.

Which Logan did. He had freaking pre-Pulse everything. Which, it suddenly occurred to her, was now.

She shook her head to try and clear her mind. She was out with friends, getting coffee, chilling out, she didn't need to be worrying about what was going on in Terminal City. For all she knew, she and Alec had body doubles hanging out helping to keep everybody alive back there.

That was a good thought. She decided to keep thinking it.

"Just coffee, please," she piped up, taking a mental note of the relieved look on the barista's face. She neither knew nor cared what the rest of the stuff listed on the board was.

Besides, it wasn't like she needed to stay awake or anything. She'd give anything to trade out some of the shark DNA or whatever it was that kept her up pretty much 24/7 for a little bit of dreamless sleep.

Max backed away from the counter, bumping into Alec. "Sorry," she whispered. "I don't know what any of this stuff is."

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Once Emma had her coffee, she headed to the corner and pulled a few tables together, stealing chairs after asking if they were being used , then arranging them around the tables.

As everyone got their coffee, she waved them over, sipping hers slowly to avoid burning herself. "Well, that went more smoothly than I was expecting. Usually, they mess up at least one order in this place." As Brennan sat down with his 3 coffees, already downing one of them before he even sat down.

"Jeez, Bren. You okay?"

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Brennan tried not to spill the three coffees as Emma bustled about getting chairs for the small group. He became increasingly agitated as the three cups refused to cooperate so he did the logical thing and got rid of one by emptying it in one swift motion.

Jeez, Bren. You okay? Emma could probably sense that he was just a little bit on edge. Ever so slightly suffering from severe caffeine withdrawl.

"Yeah - I will be." He smiled and took care of the second cup. "Oh this is not even hitting the spot.... " He downed the third cup, then playfully reached for Emma's mocha.

"I should really check this... they beans may be too roasted..."

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::misses her Shalimar::