shalimar: (Looking Up [helicopter])
Shalimar Fox ([personal profile] shalimar) wrote2006-09-08 01:04 am
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[OOC] Notation

Since I've pulled Shalimar from Fandom Muses and most of the people that had her friended were from WAY back when FM started I went ahead and did a ban_set on all the journals that I either knew were from FM and not EM, or ones that were long since not being used.

If you look at her profile and see that I've banned you and you are IN Elite Muses with her? Please let me know. Because even though I might not have your character friended doesn't mean I don't want them to comment to her.

So yes. Shalimar is in Elite Muses only right now. Anyone else feel free to defriend her to avoid having to read her posts that no longer really affect you and yours!


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