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[EM - RP] 01 - Rumors

Shalimar had been out for a random drive trying to clear her head. It had been a trying week, and there wasn't anything around for her to actually do. Genomex had actually been fairly quiet, and Proxy for once didn't have an opinion on anything. It was just high time to get herself out of Sanctuary and into the real world. The top was down on the car and she felt like she could finally breathe. She had just passed the grocery store on the corner when Adam contacted her through comms.

"Shalimar? Are you still out on your drive?"

Smirking to herself she replied, "Can't you pick me up on GPS? Maybe you can tell me where the nearest club is at? Better than OnStar."

"Actually, I just locked onto you, but I'm a bit concerned about something that Proxy Blue just broadcasted about. Truth be told, I know that she's a gossip pool, but something about it doesn't sound right."

"Think it's Genomex? They've been quiet... almost too quiet. Here patch the feed through to the display. I'll pull over here." Shalimar pulled the car over and flipped up the display screen on the dash console. There was Proxy in all her digital glory yapping on about some influx of power.

"You ask me, power outages in that neighborhood are happening too much for my taste. Girl's gotta enjoy air conditioning in heat like this. It could be me, but I think someone should check that power grid. Someone claimed that lightening did strike... let's hope not in the same place twice."

"God I hate her. If she was anymore cryptic? I'd have to hire a translater. So you want me to just take a drive out there? See what exactly is going on?" Shalimar asked as she closed the LCD panel down into the console.

"If it's not too much trouble Shalimar, I'd appreciate it."

"No trouble at all Adam, that's what night drives are for right? I'll contact you if I find something," she signed off her comm and pulled back onto the road turning around and heading toward where the rumored power surges were coming from.

When she pulled up, she saw something she wasn't quite expecting. Between the two buildings was what looked like live lightning, just crackling and sparking. If there was a New Mutant around causing it thought she couldn't see them. The bolts just trailed up the side of the buildings like they were holding them together by some ethereal strands of light. Bringing her comm-ring up she called Adam. "Hey Adam? I'm here, but it's not what we thought. In fact it's nothing like I've ever seen. It's lightning. But it's not going anywhere. Almost like it's a constant charge just regenerating. Maybe someone created it, but whoever it was they are gone now. I'm gonna move in closer, it seems to be getting brighter."

Shalimar moved up a bit trying to get as close as she could without harming herself too much. "It's definitely odd."

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Supplies were running low at Terminal City and everybody was starting to freak. Transgenics were stalking around inside the perimeter like caged animals, which, under the circumstances - well, nobody else could get in, but they sure as hell couldn't leave unless they were looking to die. And while Max might not have known exactly what she was getting herself into when she bailed on Manticore and set them all free, she was responsible for them now - and she wasn't gonna let them get killed, either.

That made the hunt for provisions her duty, and she dragged Alec out of their makeshift compound with her, ducking through the tunnels until they reached Sector 5. Aside from a few wisecracks, he hadn't complained too much and Max was pretty grateful for that.

Mostly, she just wanted to make it back to Terminal City in one piece. "Alright," she said, pausing in place and turning to face him. "All we've gotta do is get in and out - think you can handle th-"

She stopped talking and her eyes widened as she shifted her gaze past Alec. There, in the distance, was a crackling blaze of electricity; not quite lightning but not exactly a simple electrical surge, either. Max blinked and allowed her eyes to focus more closely, but still? Not a clue.

She nudged Alec and found herself pointing at the source of flickering energy. "What the hell is that?"

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Figures it'd be *his* luck that the weirdo crap would go down when *he* was the one getting dragged out on supply duty. He hadn't even bitched too much about Max laying down the law yet again and hauling him around like a sack of potatoes...hell, he hadn't even made waves when Max stopped him from approaching that cute blonde he's spotted on the way to Sector 5...

...and now there was some kind of big freak electrical...thing ahead of them. And she was asking *him* what was up.

."Right, Max...I'm a total authority on all things lightning and...freaky." he groused, trying to pick out some details with his own enhanced vision, but to no avail as he shrugged, shaking his head. "You wanna know what that is? You tell me...then we'll *both* know."

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Max’s hands moved to her hips as she glared at Alec – he did not need to be starting with her right now. “Okay,” she answered slowly. “It’s a giant ball of electricity in the sky.” Rolling her eyes, she took a few steps closer to the source and again tried to get an idea of what was causing it – but the brightness hurt her eyes and she forced herself to look away.

She turned back to Alec, dropping her hands with a shrug. “I’ve got no clue,” she admitted, her eyebrows furrowed in frustration. “But we can’t just -“

Frowning, she shook her head. “We’ve gotta get closer,” she decided, ignoring the look of dismay that crossed Alec’s face. She turned away and began walking toward the crackling light at a brisk pace, her eyes focused just away from it. It didn’t take her long at all to realize that she wasn’t following her, so she paused again and turn around.

“What’s the matter,” she chided him patronizingly. “You’re not afraid of a little electricity, are you? Not after Manticore.”

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Alec tossed her a scowl, then glanced back up at the phenomenon before them. "Me? Scared? Touche...I'm freakin' *terrified*, that's what I am." he quipped, even as he followed Max towards the dazzling, and yes, frightening spectacle of light and energy before them. Comparing this to Manticore was like putting apples against oranges, in his opinion...Manticore was government. Military.

This was a big ol' freaky light storm...thing.

As they drew closer, a tendril of lightning suddenly lashed out and struck Alec, freezing him to the spot. He wasn't sure if it hit Max, or what was happening to him...only that he couldn't move and, oddly, he was *cold*. His blood turned to ice in his veins, almost painful as the rush of unnatural energy coursed through his body, locking every muscle and, he was almost certain, stopping his heart for an instant as his eyes slammed shut...

...and just like that, it was over.

Warmth rushed into his body once again, turning his muscles to jelly as he collapsed to his hands and knees, heart hammering in his chest and breath coming so fast he thought he might pass out. Maybe this was what it felt like to be out of shape, unable to catch your breath or slow your heartbeat...

Like most things, however, his weakness and vertigo passed fairly quickly as he knelt there, waiting for his equilibrium to return before he lifted his head and opened his eyes, getting up to one knee to stand...

...when he took stock of his surroundings, he realized they had changed.

A *lot.*

Glancing to the side, he saw Max in a similar state, struggling to her feet as well. Finally rising, Alec moved over and gave her a hand up, making a solid effort to be helpful by brushing off her back and getting smacked in the chest when his hand threatened to move down past her shoulderblades...and the middle of her back...

"Ow! Hey, you might wanna worry less about me and more about *this.*" he replied, gesturing around them. "Take a look...hell, take a *whiff*. Does this look, smell, or *seem* like Seattle to you?!"

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Alec was right - which was painful to admit on the best of days, but he was. This wasn't Seattle, not even close - there was no moisture pervading her senses, no dirty smog hovering just above the horizon. Before she could say anything, however, she became acutely aware of somebody other than Alec staring at her.

Max looked up into the face of a pretty blonde girl. "Colorado?" She couldn't keep the skepticism out of her voice. While her life was admittedly pretty freaky, the idea that she'd just zipped over hundreds of miles was, frankly, sort of unnerving.

One hand dug into her pocket and the other grasped the fabric of Alec's jacket. "All I know is that there a giant ball of energy just kind of hovering, and we went to check it out. The next thing? Here."

Frowning, she turned to Alec. "This is really bad."

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Alec was still trying to get his bearings for the most part when the blonde entered his line of vision with a nice little bombshell about being in Colorado. Naturally, Alec had his priorities straight...and after a rather pleasant once-over of the view, he went back to freaking out quietly.

As Max turned to him with her latest entry in the Global State The Obvious Competition, he found that he wasn't all that annoyed...given the circumstances? She could have a wisecracks from him. At the moment, he didn't really have any anyway.

"I think this went past 'bad' and into 'we're TOTALLY screwed, Max." Alec muttered, stealing another glance at the blonde. "Just outta curiosity...who the hell are you again?..."

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Jabbing her elbow sharply into Alec's abdomen to shut him up, Max turned to the girl and attempted to focus on the things she was saying. Okay, normally she was a little bit better under pressure - but under normal circumstances she wouldn't have mysteriously teleported to some random city.

Proxy Blue. Shalimar Fox. The only part that really registered with Max was "electrical disturbance," that being what had seemingly gotten her and Alex into this whole mess in the first place - so of course it was all related. If she was, you know, telling the truth.

"You're probably not wrong," Max said blandly, then cocked her head. "Name's Max. He's Alec. Not a whole lot else to tell."

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"Yeah...just *my* side." Alec grumbled, rubbing his stomach where Max had elbowed him...*hard*, too. Turning to Shalimar, he grinned, offering her his hand. "Alec, like the little...lady said." he introduced himself, avoiding the use of *another* word when he caught Max's death glare. "And now that we've gotten intros out of the way...mind telling us what a blue proxy is?..."

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Proxy Blue sounded sort of like Eyes Only, but that wasn't the sort of association that Max wanted to make right about now. She didn't really want to think about Logan stuck all the way in the Seattle, especially when she didn't have the first idea about how she was gonna get back there. Besides; Eyes Only had a definitive purpose - to get a message out and to help people. Didn't sound like Proxy was quite that discerning.

"So Proxy's been around for a while, huh?" Max's question came out more like a statement, and she bit her lip thoughtfully as she dug her hands into her pockets. "Too bad. She sounds like a piece of work."

Especially if she was anything like Eyes Only - maybe an enemy would show up and blow all of her fancy equipment to smithereens. But hey, Max wasn't bitter or anything.

She focused back on Shalimar. "We're fine. They make us a little hardier in Seattle than you might think. Right Alec?"

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Alec lost track of the entire conversation shortly after Shalimar started speaking. Eyes locked on her, he waved Max off distractedly as he took a step towards her. "Right, sure, you got it, Max...hold up, did you say '04? As in 2004? Like...start of the millenium 2004?"

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Max's first thought was that this all had to be some kind of joke. Stepping into the wake of some freaky electricity wasn't gonna make her fly through time, and she was about to say as much - her mouth was even open, words were on the tip of her tongue - when she realized that it pretty much made about as much sense to be flying through time as it did to be flying through space.

"The hell is a Delorian?" Max finally asked, eyebrows furrowing as she attempted to figure out the situation. If this Shalimar was to be believed, she and Alec had basically jumped back fifteen years. In 2006, they were both pretty much juvenile x-5s, already in the process of learning to become soldiers. Six years old.

Ben was still alive. Tinga was still alive. Bryn hadn't been brainwashed and turned back into a Manticore robot. And Zack was still... Zack.

IF Shalimar wasn't completely off her rocker. Then again hell, maybe Max was the one who was completely insane. She had to be open to all opportunities.

"We're missing something," Max finally choked out, her breaths coming in short, quick spurts. "Cause 2006? Has come and gone."

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"Breathe, Max." Alec murmured to Max, keeping a steadying hand on her shoulder. Leaving Shalimar for a moment, his eyes roamed around their surroundings, trying to process what he was seeing. Tilting his head up, he sniffed the air, extending his focus as far as he could visually, aromatically, and auditorily as well.

"Take a second...check it out." he finally declared, releasing her slowly to take a step away, turning around slowly. "There's less smog in the air...not even Colorado's this clean. And look...*listen*, Max. We're not far enough out to leave Sector Police behind...there's no radio chatter." He paused, staring down the street and stretching his gaze to a business at a distant intersection...looked like a liquor store of some kind, only cleaner, with some kind of a lightboard sign out front scrolling the date.

"She *might* be right, Max." he muttered quietly, nodding with eyes wide in shock. "Jesus, I think she might be right..."

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The feel of Alec's hand on her back helped to ground her, and she found herself taking his advice - sort of ironic, since she was generally the rational one. Kinda. Blowing out a breath, she tore her eyes away from Shalimar and let her eyes adjust. Alec was right. There was nothing here to suggest that this wasn't 2021 Seattle - Shal said they were in 2006 Denver, but it might as well have been another planet.

Or fine, the past, which Max was having a pretty rough time getting her head around. But when she followed Alec's line of vision, she caught the date whipping by on some sort of LCD screen and unless the whole world was playing one huge trick on the two of them, they were pretty much screwed.

She inhaled deeply, held it for a few long seconds, then exhaled. "What's Genomex?" she asked, not really paying attention. Then she held up her hand. "You know what? Never mind. Let's just get us out of here and see about getting us back to Seattle."

Max could just imagine the sort of thing that was going on in TC right about now. Logan would be freaking out at any minute and the transgenics really were gonna make a mess out of things. She and Alec needed to be back like twenty minutes ago.

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"Know somethin', Max? For once, I'm *not* gonna argue with you." Alec deadpanned, shooting a glance of his own around as he tried to focus his hearing. "How 'bout that?"

Pausing, he turned to Shalimar and gestured. "Well...lead the way then, Goldilocks. And forget about Max...I *do* wanna know what a Genomex is, and if I can beat their agents' asses." With a shrug, he smirked. "Y' case I get bored and stuff."