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Shalimar Fox ([personal profile] shalimar) wrote2006-07-28 09:39 pm
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[EM - LJ] Kitchen Round-Up

Hey Emma?

I think we should gather up all the 'working' appliances and put them in a closet... somewhere away from where Brennan can't short them out?? I mean the coffee maker, the waffle iron, and I swear the toaster's been funky lately. I put two bagels in and one burns.

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I have to say I agree with this. Because if the Kitchenaid Mixer suddenly dies, I think I'll have to choke Brennan, and that's never good.

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Y'know, I just think the Quesadilla Maker is just too much work, when you could just grate the cheese onto the tortilla and toss the whole mess in the microwave. Sure, it's not crispy and scored into little wedges, but it's still very edible.

Ooooh, microwave needs to be shuffled off to the Brennan-proof shelter too.

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I'm just lazy. If it requires more than 1 plate, too much work.

And I'm also a quesadilla purist. Just cheese and tortilla for me, please.

Man.. Now I'm hungry.

::wanders off to kitchen::